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Garage floors

Turn your garage floors into a work of art! Do you want a garage floor to recondition everything? “Epoxy Perfo-Tech Inc.” is the specialist in the application of polymer coating systems on concrete floors as well as garage floors. We can upgrade your floor in less than a day!

The use of metal epoxy flooring has been gaining popularity in recent years, both for your garage floor and basement floors to give a unique look and that there are never two identical floors.

Epoxy is a highly adhesive polymer compound with 2 components that, when mixed, react chemically and change from liquid to solid. In order to ensure optimal adhesion on a concrete slab in the long term, it is necessary to properly prepare the surface with proper diamond grinding.

The benefits of a solid 100% epoxy floor are:

– Vast range of opaque or metallic colors (metallic epoxy is ideal for a more design and unique coating)
– Sustainability (an epoxy floor can last more than 20 years under optimal conditions if installed correctly)
– Solidity and grip
– Reduced cleaning and maintenance (epoxy resins are very easy to maintain and are very stain resistant)
– Brightness (An epoxy floor illuminates rooms by reflecting light from the ceiling or windows)
– Best for the environment (Low in VOCs and virtually odorless)
– Quick and simple installation

It is possible to add additives of metallic or beaded colors to the epoxy to give it a unique and artistic look that will give a unique floor.

Garage flooring in epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic and polyurethane resin for garages is exceptionally durable. For garage floors, most of the time the work is done in a single day and the next day you can move around and place your equipment on it and your car can access it 48 hours after the work is completed. The key to the performance of the epoxy or polyurea coating is the mechanical preparation of the concrete slab in the garage.

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