Concrete grinding – Polishing

Renovate and give a second life to your concrete polishing surfaces to achieve a smooth finish in order to obtain a durable coating at low cost. In addition, this process and the preparation step so that the proper coating is at its optimum!

‘The Blastrac’ grinding is used when cleaning and profiling concrete surfaces. This process is used for the removal of accumulated dirt, sealants, and surface contamination, in preparation for protective materials. This type of concrete preparation changes the profile of the concrete after several applications of grinding and can reach a thickness of 3 mm. Several grinding applications may require for the removal of denser components.

Diamond polished concrete flooring is a popular flooring solution with the natural beauty of stone, when grinding concrete to expose aggregates or stones in concrete. The polished concrete floors are extremely durable, require little maintenance and create a unique and elegant look with maximum protection due to a sealless finish thanks to concrete polishing. Concrete polishing flooring is used in many environments such as residential, commercial and industrial applications where a sustainable solution for soil maintenance and resistant protection is required.

Advantage polished concrete:

  • Incredible and professional appearance. It can be dyed to match any color scheme. Concrete polishing, much like marble, never goes out of fashion.
  • Extremely strong and resistant, and able to withstand the pressure and weight of heavy equipment. The surface cannot be easily scratched.
  • Polished concrete requires minimal maintenance and is very easy to clean. No need to constantly scrub or retouch with wax.
  • Properly maintained polished concrete flooring can last for years.

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