Epoxy Perfo Tech Inc. offer the best solutions for epoxy concrete floor and surface coatings in Granby for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We offer you decorative epoxy flooring solutions in Granby with a wide range of finishes, color designs and models. Our team of enthusiasts have taken the best comprehensive epoxy training on different types of flooring and surface coating. You live in the greater Granby region, for all your interior residential projects, kitchens, basements or garage floors and many other commercial and industrial applications, our high-end coating products will meet with their durability with a personalized look. For all your epoxy coating projects in Granby, choose from our resins, flakes, metallic, quartz and a wide choice of colors for your floors, your furniture and exterior surface coating such as your pool surround, terrace, stairs, balcony or patio ! For large-scale epoxy coating work in Granby, Epoxy Perfo Tech Inc. will be able to carry them out in the commercial and industrial sector: Hospital, public service, public place, restaurant, shopping centers, warehouse, hangar, factory, underground, etc.

Please contact us for a quote and take advantage of a free consultation. Our team will be happy to come and meet you directly on site in order to familiarize you with our products. Our aim is to treat you as our partner. Contact us and benefit from professional and fast service by completing our online quote form or 438-407-8338