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Epoxy is a polymer made up of two different components and converted into a solid state by a controlled chemical reaction.


With its unrivalled grip, strength, finish and trendy design, epoxy stands out from other types of concrete flooring.

Decorative flakes

Decorative flakes are a simple way to enhance the aesthetics of your coating.

Enhance the aesthetics of your coating

The coloured flakes are incorporated into the flooring creating an exceptional visual effect and according to the customer’s taste.

Metal epoxy

The metallic epoxy floor is an ideal high-end product for your projects.

New generation in flooring.

The design of the metallic epoxy is more trendy and of a state-of-the-art metallic architecture compared to other common epoxy coatings.


This type of coating has become a favorite of installers and an alternative to epoxy.

Resilient and durable

More flexible than epoxy, polyurethane will withstand longer impacts and repetitive tire rolling in your garage or industrial or commercial floor.

A wide range of colour choices

Our products are approved by Health Canada

Avoid the spread of fungi and bacteria
Eliminate mold problems
Controls unpleasant odours
Safe, efficient and reliable products

The benefits of epoxy flooring.

  • Epoxy flooring has many beneficial features, making this concrete flooring system suitable for many uses. These features include:

  • Affordability – Unlike many floor surfaces, epoxy flooring is a relatively inexpensive choice when compared with other materials at the installation cost per square foot or durability level,

  • Transparent and waterproof membrane – dirt and bacteria cannot penetrate or settle on the floor. Therefore, an epoxy floor is extremely hygienic and suitable for sites subject to very strict sanitary requirements, such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, beverage, chemical and electronic industries.

  • Slip resistance – non-slip sequins can be incorporated into the cladding to make the concrete floor non-slip, meaning that an epoxy floor covering is ideal for pedestrian access areas, kitchens trade and wetlands.

  • Chemical-resistant – an epoxy coating is protected from chemical corrosion and chemical damage, including chemical attacks caused by water, sugars, acids, solvents and caustic products.

  • Fire-resistant – therefore suitable for emergency exits, data rooms and sensitive storage areas

  • Shock-resistant – indicates that they are suitable for sectors of the industry where goods are handled in specific spaces, such as production lines, warehouses, loading areas, and where compressive loads are generated by moving goods on trucks, pallets, etc.

  • High temperatures and thermal shocks – favourable in areas where activities such as self-washing, cooking, sterilization or rapid freezing are performed near extreme temperatures or extreme temperature variations.

Surface preparation for Epoxy or Polyaspartic flooring

We are equipped to remove materials such as: paints, epoxy, carpet glue, black vinyl tile glue, vinyl tiles, ceramics and its mortar. Our methods consist of different forms such as: diamond grinding or scarifying.

We have the waste and control the dust as much as possible to leave you in the cleanest possible environment.

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