Our 4 tips for sparkling epoxy floors

Epoxy coatings can give your garage or basement a cleaner, more professional and finished appearance. However, as with any other floor, you’ll want to keep it clean. Luckily for you, it’s easy to do! If you want to keep your newly coated epoxy floors spotless, here are a few cleaning tips that will help.

1. Use a dust mop regularly

The most important thing you can do to keep your epoxy floors clean and dust-free. A dust mop, preferably at least two feet wide, is an important tool to have on hand. Dust and dirt can damage the surface of epoxy coatings if left unattended, but they are easily removed with the dust mop. Plan to dust once a week. If you continue with this task, then your maintenance will be even easier.

2. Wet Mop Occasionally

Every three to four months, use a damp mop and epoxy cleaner to clean the floor. This will lift sand or dirt stuck to the floor without the mop touching it. To avoid moving the dirt, rinse it often in the robot. After cleaning, allow the floor to air dry.

The type of damp mop is less important than the type of cleaner. However, microfibre mops do a very good job. Look for one made to commercial quality.

For your cleaner, choose one for epoxy floors, or use one with half a cup of ammonia per gallon of hot water. If you don’t have ammonia, mix one part Windex with three parts water to get another option.

3. Tackling stubborn stains

First, you always want to clean up spills with a cloth immediately after they occur. In garage floors in particular, be careful of oil or chemical splashes, as they can damage your epoxy floor.

However, if a stain develops, you may have to rub your hands and knees to remove it. Use a soft scrubbing pad with the water and ammonia mixture to remove the stain without damaging the flooring. Never use bleach!

4. Knowing what not to use on your epoxy floors

When choosing cleaners and cleaning methods, be sure not to use certain cleaners on your epoxy floors. Citrus and vinegar-based cleaners contain acids that will destroy the shine of your flooring. Soap is also harmful and can leave streaks or a film on the surface of your floor.

Epoxy floors are not difficult to clean. In fact, ease of maintenance is one of the reasons why many people consider this flooring for their home. If you have an epoxy floor, use these tips to keep it shiny for many years.

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